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Anonymous asked: Hang in there,i know,seeing your art relaxes me too ;) good luck. Thank you,i hope you also have an awesome week & please find some money yourself too cause only i cant get rich picking up other people's fallen money (which i always hope i can find)

i work pretty well under pressure, sometimes i let everything pile up and work until im done, but usually i get it done as soon as possible :”D i’m so glad you feel that way about my art -sobs- im happy if you’re happy!! 

a wonderful week to you and everyone who reads this message!

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Anonymous asked: hey there! how are you? how is school?

hey there!!




school is suffering and my body is at least 50% caffeine. but i AM WORKING ON SOMETHING and I can’t wait to finish and post it because drawing helps me relax. and school’s about to get easier when i finish this essay i gotta work on.

thank you so much for asking, ihope you’re having a wonderful day! may you have an excellent week and find money on the ground! ^^/

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Anonymous asked: Love the new works <3 too amazing..i love that you love kashima too :) feels on the final ep of gekkan & free!?

i’m so swamped with school work i am just not doing any of it!! OTL kashima is my one and only bae, i just want kashima to play with my hair and call me pretty. obviously i’m very sad the gesshou anime ended but we still have the manga!!! which i should start reading soon….. >___> i kinda expected nozaki to be, well, NOZAKI, and do something stupid at the end but it still made me scream!!! chiyo-tan, poor bby, i just loveher so much!!

FREE ON THE OTHER HAND. i am not lying, i am still crying and it’s only been an hour since it ended. i am not ok, not at all,i am just tears and emotions!! with gesshou, we have the manga to fall back on and ease the pain bu T WITH FREE??? THERE’S NOTHING. 


im fairly certain the anime ended for good and i’m still not quite sure how to deal with all the emotions flooding my system at the moment. for one, im so SO happy nitori is the new captain, GOOD FOR YOU TINY RAY OF LIGHT!! he went from kouhai to senpai to team captain, i can’t even tell you how much i love nitori!!!! precious boy, good luck dealing with momo and the other special samezuka boys!! and obviously, i am so HAPPY haru apologized to makoto!!! the rest is just a blur, im going to mop for a few days and pretend im not sad and crying about this stupid anime

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Anonymous asked: please dont apologize for being busy,its all right,your art is always worth waiting for,please take care of yourself first,you are precious to me . i am glad to hear that :)

you are too kind! thank you so much for understanding, i do have some things planned but by the end of the day i’m too exhausted to draw anything BUT FEAR NOT i will at least keep doodling things :”D

again, you are such a sweet person thank you for taking the time to send me messages!! -throws my love at you-

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Anonymous asked: how you been?


i have been rather busy lately with school, hence the lack of updates, i do apologize for that. i have a lot things i need to be working on and i’ll get round to posting them as soon as i can take a break from schoolwork without dying from crippling anxiety

other than that, i’m happy the weather is getting cooler and i can sleep with the windows closed again. i finally started reading gangsta after months of postponing.

and that’s about it. thank you so much for asking!!! how ve you been??

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Anonymous asked: views on the latest ep of free? poor boy makoto :'(

i am sO UPSET we got that “it’s because WE ALL love you” bullshit, i wanted a proper love confession, i mean it’s so obvious they mean A LOT to each other and if they just talked about it things would probably go a different direction but NOOOOOOOOOOO 

but most of all i’m really sad that haru’s pressured by everyone to find a goal in life and decide on something that will influence his entire future, even though it’s obvious haru’s still not sure what he wants. he’s 17, he’s not supposed to know what he wants to do with the rest of his life; rin has swimming and makoto wants to go to uni in tokyo and the others obviously have their dreams, but haru is not sure and i’m really hoping that rin is going to take him away from all the pressure and teachers and responsibilities and allow haru to find his inner peace again

this anime was a mistake, i wanted boys in swimsuits and friendship stuff, i did not sign up for tears and heartbreak